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Robotics Team Alpaca

Because we are as fast and aggressive as an alpaca is.

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Alpaca Robotics Team was founded by three FEL students in January 2013 and from that moment it has significantly increased in number of active members as well as the number of operating robots. We are interested in many areas of robotics from hardware design or low and high level robot control to build server and infrastructure design. Our algorithms are compared with other robotics teams in several competitions every year. We are always looking for motivated new members who would like to join us and learn something new in the field of robotics.

Formally, we are a part of the hackerspace MacGyver, the best and the only one hackerspace located at the student dormitory Strahov. All together we are a part of the student club called Silicon Hill.

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Silicon Hill is the biggest club of the Student Union of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Originally, the club was designed to maintain the computer network for students accommodated in the Strahov dormitory. Now it does much more. Silicon Hill offers many interesting projects and the possibility to spend student's free time in a meaningful way.

Logo MacGyver

The project MacGyver was established in the academic year 2006/2007 under the club Silicon Hill. It was meant to be a service for members of the club but now it is also hosting a few sub-projects and one of them is Alpaca Robotics Team.