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Because we are as fast and aggressive as an alpaca is.

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Alpaca team and SiliconBot attended next competition. The SICK robot day was exceptional for us in two ways. Firstly, it was first international contest for Alpaca. Secondly, it was first contest in indoor robotics. This competition is arranged by SICK Company every two years in Waldkirch and the rules are always different. This year fourteen teams from different countries participated – Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy and Paraguay. It was necessary to prepare on the SiliconBot range hardware and software modifications before the competition. The SiliconBot get a quite becoming look in the form of plexiglass, which is used for cube catching. The camera was emplaced into the robot´s viscera for better cube detection. Although, programmers have programmed hard and for a long time (even overnight on the way to contest), our result was not the best. Unfortunately, in the first round the SiliconBot did not recognize the ”filling” station. However, in the second round it loaded the cube successfully. Nevertheless, the robot jammed, did not reach the target place and began to smoulder. Thanks to the timely intervention of Alpaca team, it is fine and it will be early ready for the next competition. Here you can find the photos: Sick 2014.