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Because we are as fast and aggressive as an alpaca is.

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After intensive work on our new robotic platform SiliconBot we decided to compete with other robotic teams in a contest Straight forward with robot 2014 in Pisek, which we know very well. The aim of this competition is to ride 314 m distance of segment without the robot running off the appointed straight route (four times). Our opponents were 20 teams which were more or less experienced. Although the weather was not good, all teams fought bravely. Our modification of the algorithm from the last year performed quite well. We were obtaining better result by every trial even we did not ride the whole route in one ride. Our effort was rewarded by the 6th place which is improvement on 3 places from the last year. Additionally to bravely riding, our SiliconBot became a sweetheart of the small children and dogs of all types and sizes. Therefore we should consider attending in the Miss robot in the next year. You can find some photos in the gallery.