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Because we are as fast and aggressive as an alpaca is.

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The robotic contest Straight forward with robot took place for the seven times and our Alpaca team cannot miss it. In spite of fact that we have participated for the third time, we have still not reached the medal position. But not quite… In the overall raking, we were placed on 10th place (from 25 teams) with total 78 meters driven. It is not bad but there are still some meters remaining to reach the finish. An inadaptability of the camera to the different lighting conditions was the main obstacle this year. Our algorithm was not able to detect the path when the robot rides out from shadow. However, thanks to the new Omni wheels, we have been included in the category Special where the interestingly designed robots compete. In this category we were placed on 2nd place. In the gallery, you can see how the SiliconBot is good-looking with the medal.